What should I do if the sandblasting machine is seriously worn out?

What should I do if the sandblasting machine is seriously worn out?

We all know that there is a close contact between the safety of the blasting machine and the success of the manufacturer. So how do you save on abrasives? First and foremost in five aspects.

1 Pressure is very important, directly leading to the loss of sandblasting abrasive:
To make the fastest power and the lowest abrasive loss, it is necessary to know the materials and specific accurate data of the user's products, and only need to know each other and make the best results.

2 Dust collector: The blasting machine is dispatched to the best orientation before use. The filter cartridge of the dust collector is eradicated on time, and the waste sand inside is removed in time to minimize the amount of abrasive used.

3 Spray gun: Before using the sand blasting machine, first check if there is any wear inside the spray gun, once you see the sand nozzle. There is wear on the nozzles and other places, and timely replacement is required to indirectly avoid the waste of abrasives.

4 Sand tube: Whether the sand pipe is straight or not before the sand blasting machine 5, to see a necessary operation, assuming it is curved, it will definitely be a waste of sanding.

5 Separator: It is the most important part of saving abrasives. Before purchasing a sand blasting machine, you should tell the manufacturer the exact type of abrasive before the process is judged, so that the manufacturer of the sand blasting machine can combine with you well in the planning time. The standard of demand, to achieve precise control. Abrasive materials will naturally reduce the use of measurement.

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