Mobile phone shell conveying type sand blasting machine
Mobile phone shell conveying type sand blasting machine



Specification model
3.0mm cold-rolled steel plate welded [surface paint treatment]
Equipment host size
3400mm long 1200mm wide 1730mm high (excluding separator)
Equipment working room size
 1200mm long * 1200mm wide * 1000 high
Cyclone separator size
 950 high * 500 diameter
Sandblasting gun
16 (aluminum alloy with imported boron carbide nozzle)
Fixed swing, frequency adjustment swing speed.
The angle of the rifle
the spray angle can be adjusted according to the workpiece 360 degrees.
Split dust box
1250mm long * 1000mm wide * 1900mm high (excluding fans)
Designed a total of 6 filter cartridges * 1 set
Dust removal fan
7.5Kw 380v
The dust removal air volume
5600 cubic meters / h.
Wind pressure
Belt conveyor motor
cycloidal pinwheel reducer (1.5KW speed ratio 1:87.)  [Speed variable frequency adjustment]
Gun rack swing motor
three-wire gear reducer motor (0.75KW speed ratio 1:10) [speed variable frequency adjustment]
component motor
three-line gear reduction motor (0.75kw speed ratio 1:60)
Total equipment power
about 12KW
4w fluorescent lamps 4
Perspective window
2 frames
Air pressure is greater than 5.5bar (kg/cm2) [Air compressor is more than 16 cubic meters]

Adopt pulse jet cleaning technology, strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation and good economic benefits.