Fully automatic glass sandblasting machine
Fully automatic glass sandblasting machine



The automatic glass blasting machine is the latest environmentally-friendly product developed by our company. The glass blasting is formed once, the blasting is uniform, perfect and efficient, automatic sanding, automatic sanding, automatic dust removal, dust discharged, filtered through the water tank. To achieve the best effect of dust removal, sandblasting once formed. It is the best choice for glass in today's market. The thickness of sandblasted glass is 3-10mm, and it can also be processed, marble, ceramic, stainless steel and so on.
The environmentally-friendly automatic glass blasting machine developed by our company and the efficient production line production method can complete the whole blasting process once the glass is squared on the trolley and the glass passes through the closed automatic blasting section. The use of high power air compressors is eliminated.

The principle of sand blasting machine sanding is to use the centrifugal force generated by the steel knife mounted on the drum at high speed to make the diamond high-speed hitting the surface of the processed glass surface, completely subverting the traditional manual sand blasting method.

The effect of use has reached the level of similar products at home and abroad. Simply put, the sand blasting machine is to use the centrifugal force and the sand to mix and knock off the things to be destroyed. This product can be used for marble, stainless steel and glass engraving. The basic program is like this:
1. Use the cutting plotter to burn the sandblasted protective paper out of the picture or word you want.
2. Attach the protective paper to the glass or marble
3. Spraying with a sand blasting machine
4. Tear off the protective paper
5. The beautiful pattern you need is revealed.
1. Uniform and high efficiency is the biggest advantage of XT series automatic sand blasting machine, and the use effect has reached the level of similar foreign products. This machine has added, automatic shock absorption function, and the replacement of the blade does not need to adjust the balance of the centrifugal shaft, which fundamentally solves the worries of the customer.

2. This machine adopts the variable frequency speed control system. The blasting speed can be adjusted by itself. The automatic brush sweeping system is adopted to revolutionize the problem of sand piled up on the glass after sand blasting.

3, sandblasting uniform molding, perfect for one hour can hit 80-100 square high-speed sandblasting, machine fully enclosed full cycle       
XT-L-S glass sand blasting machine specific parameters:
Dimensions: (length * width * height) (unit: M) Not limited to *1.4*2.3
Processing glass thickness (unit: MM): 3~30
Power requirements : AC380/50Hz
Machine net weight:  2 tons
Machine capacity:  1.5 tons
Device startup mode: electric start
Processing area size (MM) : length is not limited, width 1900
Air compressor equipment: no need
Dust removal fan:  4-68
Dust removal air volume : 4200
Abrasive grain size:  30 mesh ~ 46 mesh
Abrasive dosage:  1 ton
Scrub daily output : 1000~1100m2
Sand sweeping method : with automatic brush sweeping system
Control system : adopts variable frequency speed control system
Total power : ≥13KW
Main drive motor : 5.5KW
Dust blower:  3KW
Upper auger motor:  0.75KW
Lower auger motor:  1.1KW
Sand sweeping motor:  0.75KW
Sanding motor : 1.5KW
Transmission motor:  0.37KW shift range 3-17
Host size (length X width X height) (unit: M):  1.1X3.4X1.75
Warranty period: 1 year