Woodworking Machinery Sander
Woodworking Machinery Sander



This machine is specially designed to handle the best automatic machinery designed for the processing of hot-hard plastic, bakelite, resin and other products such as compression and injection molding.
1. The dust collector is hidden in the body, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

2. The projection material is shot by the high-speed rotary impeller, and the surface of the product, the inside of the hole and the burr of the concave part can be cleaned in a short time.

3. After the products are processed, they are all clean and shiny, because the machine is equipped with a special dust removal automatic humidifying device and a blowing device.
power supply mode
three-phase 380V + neutral + ground
Equipment dimensions
1100mm*1100mm*2100mm (length, width and height)
ring with a rotary type (can be reversed and selected)
impeller rotation number
 0-4200rpm adjustable
Impeller projection amount
15KG/min at maximum time
belt running speed
4.5m / min
the use of projection material
impeller self-priming; filtered through a vibrating sieve
the weight of each processing product
about 20KG
the maximum length of product processing
The automatic burr processing machine produced by our company is the burr of thermosetting bakelite products for processing die-casting or injection molding. It is composed of self-contained projection device, chassis, belt conveyor, dust removal and static elimination. It is a jet washing machine with a simple appearance, no space and high efficiency.

The projecting material is projected onto the product via a high-speed rotating impeller, and can be removed in a short time for the burrs and the recesses in the sheet or the burrs in the holes. The amount of projection power can be adjusted to the appropriate number of rotations on the drive keypad on the control panel.

The spray booth is composed of an endless belt conveying mechanism, and all the rubber is placed in the room. The input product achieves the effect of uniformly removing the burrs by randomly striking a large number of projection materials which are scooped out at a high speed while the ring is being rotated forward.

The projected projecting material can be continuously used by the delicate circulation system, the powdery burrs and the fine projecting materials are attracted and collected by the dust collector, and the burrs of the larger pieces are filtered by the screen.

In the middle of the suction pipe, a nozzle for humidification is provided. Appropriate amount of moisture can enhance the spray effect, prevent dust from adhering, increase the life of the projection material, and achieve the antistatic effect.

After-sales service:
1. Equipment quality assurance: The warranty period is one year from the date of equipment acceptance. We provide repair services for problems other than consumable parts. After the expiration of the warranty period, a lifetime and timely repair service is provided, and only the material cost fee is charged. (Let the customers buy peace of mind, with the ease)

2. After-sales service guarantee: After receiving the after-sales service repair call, the after-sales service technicians respond within 15 minutes. For those who need on-site maintenance, they should be solved within 24 hours. The equipment failure is not ruled out and the maintenance site is not evacuated.

3. Our company has an independent after-sales service department, after-sales service line: 0760-2258105