Recycling high pressure sand blasting machine
Recycling high pressure sand blasting machine



Main use and range of application
BH-2D series recycling sandblasting machine is an environment-friendly sandblasting equipment. It is a multi-purpose and high-efficiency new environmental sandblasting equipment designed and produced by our company for heavy sandblasting work. The root and the negative pressure generating device are divided into two types: electric and full pneumatic. The equipment uses compressed air as power to spray the abrasive onto the surface of the workpiece at high speed, and removes the surface of the workpiece by abrasive impact, so that the surface reaches a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness, and then the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump (or vacuum generator) Recycling sand and dust, and separating the complete abrasives through the sand and dust separation system of the equipment, and recycling the dust and rust into the dust collecting bucket. Under the control of a single switch, the equipment is sandblasted, returned to the sand, and separated by sand and dust. All actions such as sand recycling and dust filtration are automatically completed, the working environment is dry and non-polluting, and the working site reaches the “GB103328-10333-89” workshop air dust hygiene standard.

The equipment can be widely used in petrochemical, metal structure, ship repair, pipeline power, aerospace, locomotive manufacturing and other industries. It is an ideal tool for pre-treatment of various steel structures.
Environmentally friendly design, automatic recycling and separation of sand, rust and dust.
The sand material is recycled, and the actual sand recovery rate is about 99%.
It is equipped with a backflushing device that automatically removes filter dust.
Built-in water filter. Secondary oil-water separation of compressed air is possible.
PLC programmable control (optional), material level alarm function (optional).
With pressure knob and back blow button. Stable air control unit and abrasive valve.
The working radius is 10-20 meters and the surface treatment grade is Sa2.5-3.
It is equipped with a safety waterproof power socket plug for easy operation.
It is equipped with a control power socket plug for easy operation.
Unique and beautiful dustproof control panel and electric control box. Maintenance and overhaul is especially convenient.
Car-type cabinet structure, rainproof and dustproof, easy to move.
The door panel of the cabinet adopts a quick door and a small connection, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.
 Handle switch control (electrically controlled DC24V).
One machine and three uses, with the functions of open, industrial sand absorber and environmental protection.
The sandblasting machine adopts special control loop, and the working pressure is adjustable within the range of 0.2Kpa-0.8Kpa.
Section, can meet the sandblasting process requirements of different workpieces.
(1) Sand dust separator: It can be quickly loaded and unloaded with the sand tank by clamps.
(2) Air source pressure gauge: Indicates the air pressure at the air inlet of the sand blasting machine.
(3) Pressure reducing valve: adjust the working pressure
(4) Combination valve: gas control valve: It is a high-performance shot blasting control component designed by our company according to the technology of American SCHMIDT company. It is the control core component of the main part of the sand blasting machine. The quality of the system directly affects the spray. Whether the sand machine can reliably perform normal sand blasting operation, the outstanding feature of the combination valve is that the sand blasting operation of the sand blasting machine is particularly stable and reliable, because sand and dust do not enter the interior of the control element during the control blasting operation. There will be no damage to the control element. Figure 1 shows the structural diagram of the combined valve. The control valve controls the supply and cut-off of the entire equipment, and the instantaneous switching of the supply and exhaust makes the operation of the blasting machine safer.
(5) Control the pressure tank stamping or exhausting by opening and closing
(6) Solenoid valve: control the action of the combined valve through its opening and closing
(7) Silencer: Exhaust and eliminate air noise
(8) Ball valve: control the air supply of the sand blasting machine
Ball valve: control boost gas supply
(10) Filter cartridge: dust filtration.
(11) Oil-water separator: The water source is filtered by water.
(12) Dust bin: store dust.
(13) Frame: The supporting part of the sand blasting machine.
(14) Ball Valve: Used for waterproofing the water separator.
(15) Sand Valve: Adjust the sand flow rate of the sand blasting machine. It is placed at the bottom of the tank, and the mixing ratio of gas and sand can be adjusted to optimize the injection state. The sand valve is an improved regulating valve designed and manufactured on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, no sand blocking and long service life.
(16) Sand tank: Store sand.
(17) Air bag: voltage regulation and water storage
(18) Ball Valve: Used for air bag exhaust and water release.
(19) Recovery pipe connection port
(20) blasting pipe connection port
(21) gas source pipe connection port
(22) Electric control box
(23) Pulse valve

Working pressure:  4-7bar
Power supply voltage:  AC380V, 50HZ
Power supply:  7.5kw
Gas consumption :  3-6m3/min
Working radius :  10m-20m
Abrasive rate:  10-100 mesh
Abrasive type:  brown corundum, etc.
Nozzle diameter range:  6-8mm
Surface cleanliness:  Sa2.5-Sa3 (GB8923-88)
Surface roughness:  40-70um (GB1031-83)
Control method:  Electronic control DC24V
Filter method :  Import filter cartridge filter
Filter filter area: 15m2
Weight:  480kg
Dimensions: 1800 × 650 × 1670