Non-standard double-station manual sand blasting machine
Non-standard double-station manual sand blasting machine



Equipment dimensions
1600mm * 1200mm  * 1900mm 
Equipment working room size
1790mm * 1790mm  * 1000mm
Machine lighting
220V, 32w energy saving lamp 4
380V, 50HZ
Dust box exterior size
1000*1000*1600mm (multi-channel water film spray filtration, automatic circulating water spray, environmental protection and energy saving, power: 1.5KW)
Dust removal motor
380V 50HZ 7.5KW air volume is about 3500 m3/h;
Cyclone separation pressure tank
diameter 500mm * height 1900mm
Work turntable diameter
Turntable load
500 kg
Compressed air source
pressure 5-8bar (kg/cm2)
Flow rate
2-3m3/min dry compressed air
Commonly used abrasives
steel shot, steel shot, corundum, glass beads, etc.
Product introduction (working principle):
The machine adopts a pressure-feeding type blasting (blasting) mechanism, that is, the high-pressure flow of the compressed air in the high-pressure tank is performed, and the sand in the high-pressure tank is sprayed through the sand pipe, and then the nozzle is compressed by the airflow. High-speed injection onto the surface of the workpiece for sandblasting.
A. The machine has novel design, simple and reliable structure, convenient operation, high processing efficiency and low energy consumption.

B. The spray gun set adopts a fixing mechanism, which can adjust the spray distance and angle to achieve the best blasting effect, and can also be freely blasted by the worker on the hand.

C. This machine adopts sand blasting machine main body, separate type separator, cyclone separation pressure tank, cart turntable, water film dust removal system, and can separate the abrasive that can be used continuously and the useless dust, thus greatly reducing the abrasive. Consumption.

1. The casing is made of 3.0-6.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is sprayed, and the key parts of the blasting area and the blow-off area are covered with silicone skin. The machine is sturdy and easy to use. The machine is divided: (machine main box, dust box, cyclone separation pressure tank)

2. There is one gun in the blasting cabin. The spray gun is equipped with 8mm large boron carbide nozzle. The spray gun is equipped with a fixed gun frame. The blasting distance, angle and position can be adjusted according to the user's product requirements.

3. This machine is equipped with a see-through window, which can directly observe the whole process of processing and keep abreast of the processing situation.

4. This model is a special machine designed for molds or large and heavy-duty workpieces.

5. Working mode of the sand blowing machine: using the dry-type dry blasting working mode;

6. Sand blowing operation mode: manual loading and unloading of workpieces, manual sandblasting by one person;

7. Set the safety switch, the gun can not work when the cabin door is open to ensure safety.

8. The air source system is equipped with an air intake and blasting pressure gauge. The pressure regulating valve can adjust the blasting pressure and has an independent blowing air gun. The imported electromagnetic valve is used to control the blasting gas source, and the foot switch is used to control the blasting of the spray gun to close. The manual sand blasting machine is easy to operate.
Surface treatment of descaling, residue, and burr of molds, castings, stampings, weldments, heat-treated parts, etc.; and inside and outside of various small and micro workpieces, removing carbides, polishing and roughing, finishing The stress is relieved.
The blasting machine should be placed on a flat and solid ground at the work site, without the need for anchor screws.